A blog about my on-going journey into the language of “food”.

Lately, I find myself living out my passions through food. I have come out to a place that began with dieting but is now just about eating deliciously and nutriously and doing that affordably in modern go-go life. Being desperate about weight loss can also be expensive if you succumb to the marketing gimmicks out there. So I learned to make food at home. and then I found out I liked it. and my strategic brain found a home too, there were so many ways to do better–especially when it came to saving money, retaining nutrition and adding flavor– than the conventional prattle on the airwaves or in the dieting books.

So while I talk about recipes, I also do the math and post a cost per serving calculation for them. I know, its so geeky but it was really quite a surprise to find out how so much good eating can be had for under a dollar per serving. I concentrate on foods which deliver a better combination of healthy proteins, complex-carbohydrates, and succulent vegetables but are tasty so that I can diet deliciously.

I am also not about making alot of work, rather about keeping things simple. I write about tips I’ve found that work, about which things I find are worth paying for and where I’ve found high value. All of these were stubborn lessons which, now that they are inplace, have made life easier and better. So it felt like something to share. I would also like to hear from others what they found works for them, and in particular the trade-offs that have seemed worth it or not worth it.

So now i find myself taking pictures of my meals before i eat them! and taking research notes when I am in grocery stores. Hope you can accompany me on my on-going journey!


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