Feeding myself on grass fed

I have tasted the bounty that is farm fresh eggs, and I can never go back to the grocery store. We are Blessed here in Vienna, VA to have a new small business that focuses on delivering grass fed dairy, meat, and eggs. I learned that grass fed bison has much less fat  than other meats, about 2.4 grams per 3 oz. serving, rivaling the leanless of skinless chicken. It is only 120 to 140 calories per three ounce serving. It also has additional Omega 3s. From www.eatwild.com, “Meat from grass-fed animals has two to four times more omega-3 fatty acids than meat from grain- fed animals.”

We have eaten about 3-4 ounces of grass-fed bison once a week for the last few weeks. Let me tell you, my body notices the difference digesting grass fed eggs and meat right away. When i digest it, I feel this release of energy, instead of the lagging, lower energy, draining feeling I normally get when digesting after I’ve eaten out or some such.  Is it the life energy…the process of photosynthesis, that is digested, processed and released in my body? a on-going sun-giving cycle. even that small change in energy, in my gut, is noticeable.

Grass-fed eggs and meat have a strong connection to my spiritual values, the ones Michael Pollan writes about when he says, Eat food. Mostly plants. If I am meant to eat animal products, maybe I should eat the animals who got to live as Nature intended. This is the gospel of Polyface Farms. Joel Sallatin, one of the family owners, says it is cheaper for him to raise his pigs, cows, and chickens on grass. He does not have costs for grain feed OR all the other maintenance costs it takes to raise animals in feed lots as sanctioned by the USDA. The movie, “Food, Inc.” got at least one thing right. It showed how the food industrial complex is so convinced of the efficiency of its industrialized process that when animals get sick or when the methods produce salmonella and eColi infestations, it doesn’t ask itself about the basic methodology. It just tries to engineer a fix within the existing process. LIMITED THINKING. A very post-World War II approach to our food supply that….well, suffice it to say that I don’t think it has been good for us Americans at all, particularly in terms of the ability to produce cheap hamburgers and soda and keep us so obese.

So, does it cost more than grain-fed meat? It definitely cost more than buying meat produced from our industrialized processes. Chicken I buy at whole foods is much more expensive than what I can get from Perdue at Giant. But is it less from locally farm grown and supplied grass-fed meat? I don’t know yet. I bought sirloin cut bison for $19 a pound. I bought probably six ounces, totally to about $10. I will update this post with two more pieces of data. One, trying to compare ground bison and various cuts with their like counterparts from say, a Giant and Wholefoods. Second, I want to provide a map of where grass fed products are sold for retail in the Northern VA area.

This is a real example of so many principles on this blog. One, where should we put our money? Into our bodies, so that they may keep us. Money is an exchange of time in this American society where everyone has to run around, be productive and live in independent nuclear family units that becomes so stressful that it becomes a challenge to truly feed ourselves. Instead, we become victim to take-out, processed foods from the grocery store, and fast-food. Its difficult, but I advocate taking TIME to buy right, cut and chop, either assemble or cook, and finally FEED yourself and your family. Don’t eat, FEED. let the light of the sun which fills the green blades of grass, reach your body.


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