self care and feeding

When I started this blog it was mostly to share my journey of healthy, affordable eating. When I started really sharing about that journey however, past the recipes and the cost per serving, I found that my journey was really one from dieting to feeding. I write about it in this blog post. So its apparent to me that at its essence, feeding myself (versus simply eating) is an act of self-care. That’s why it matters that the vegetables are fresh, that the smell of the herbs or citrus evoke a lasting memory, that the senses are involved.

In my internet surfing, I came across a new individual, Cheryl Rogers, who is writing about extreme self-care. I wanted to share this particular post from her site. She has written a book entitled Extreme Self Care and the title called my attention. Its her weekly newsletter and this is the first one of the new year (2009). Be sure to scroll all the way down to “Topic of the Week.” I especially wanted to share number 4. Number 2 also resonated with me. I like all of them! Thank you Cheryl!

Also be sure to check out my new links on self-care! which is very closely connected to spiritual connections in my experience.


2 responses to “self care and feeding

  1. That’s a good list that Cheryl has put together. We all need a nudge or a reminder that we have to make our health and quality of life (I’m not talking about stuff but rather inner peace and happiness) a priority in our lives.

  2. Absolutely. Glad you enjoyed the link! happy self-feeding.

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