hey, Hay, and all things inaugural

we had a lovely day in DC today. personal errands in the morning; a fun meeting with a professional acquaintance; total great reunion visit with friends who recently came back from africa and had a brand new baby boy. i haven’t seen or been with my friend for nearly 2 years (i think?) and it was such a pleasure to have a real old fashioned living room visit and hold the baby.

The last few days, a swirl of thoughts have been following me. The fact that the Obama family has landed in town and something that is happening seemingly in my back yard feels so distant from the lens of the TV and web. The fact that my birthday is coming up around the corner and a few of my friends, particularly those in Philadelphia, are wondering what we’re doing since we’ll be there next weekend. and what we’re doing for inauguration day and with who!

So to make a stab at these swirl of thoughts, I decided I wanted to at least start checking out the “scene”…get a feel of the buzz and energy for myself. I started by taking my husband for drinks at the Hay Adams hotel. There is a lovely downstairs bar there, right next to Lafayette Park. Its really fun to walk down these stairs, on a side entrance, to it. It feels like a little bit of New York, open a door and a little gem appears. I mean, i don’t know if it really is a wine bar. I had just remembered it had a good selection of wine. And it still did. (I had a great glass of Sancerre). We had a Great evening. nibbled our way through some light edibles (quality eats including a selection of artisan cheeses), had fun conversation with some lively people at the table next to us and saw the Baltimore Ravens win the playoff. Did we see the Obamas. No. but we saw a big sign on the building opposite that said, “Welcome Mahlia and Sasha” (which i loved).

So for my inaugral post, I wanted to showcase the menu planned for the Congressional lunch after the swearing-in ceremony. To honor the new President from Illinois, they are remembering The President from Illinois, Abe Lincoln. So there is a seafood stew, then duck and pheasant and finally apple cinnamon sponge cake which exudes to me the earthiness of the persona of the Lincoln I perceive knowing. Check out the great wine pairings!!

More about inauguration coming up since I choose to be a part of the history on the mall last week.


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