well i’ll be cabbaged update

Looks like the issues I care about are getting some attention! Margaret Shulman’s article on the cabbage was written in response to another NYT column looking at eating healthy and comparing it as more expensive than junk food. well, welcome to my world. My blog world that is.

Here is the column. They have posted my comment to it also. Thanks NYT! They also reference another wordpress blog in that article of a couple who tried to eat for a dollar a day (not sure if that is each or across the both of them!). As people who have read my about profile know, it is not easy and definitely takes commitment and time. I also have to caveat that I never fed the both of us on $30 a month; it was more like $25 – $30 a week. I was writing about the techniques I used to use…ah, the memories…. it was hard work but such a teaching experience! I will write more once I research any other interesting links or comments I find as a result of this article. Thanks!


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