Breads and Spreads

Christmas present idea. But need suggestions for variations on the theme. We have some people, particularly older family members, who despise getting “stuff”. Came up with this idea over Thanksgiving when we were planning our holiday shopping. I always thought food was a good answer (to the question of, “what to get them?”) and so this year, I decided I could make a basket of quick breads with accompanying spreads (and maybe stick a DVD in the middle..?).

Problem is…what breads, and what spreads? They need to work together. I came up with the idea mostly thinking of when people want a little snack, they need something a “go-to” food. Something that feels like a treat but is not dessert. The primary inspiration starts with a loaf of Pumpkin Bread (with or without cranberries, with walnuts) and a jar of cranberry chutney. (since my mom makes a really good one). After some research on the web, here are some other contenders:

The last two are not “quick” breads but more traditional, requiring yeast to make dough. I personally am a bit daunted by that idea but I also liked the idea of more savory breads.

There is also the idea of an apple bread that you can eat with cheddar cheese. I still have to find a decent recipe for it. I found a website that obviously is maintained with a lot of love, however, I don’t know if I am willing to put that much work into the bread…

So this is a plea for help..Help! Does anyone have any other suggestions for a relatively quick bread or delicious spread that work together? Suggestions appreciated. If I am lucky (and I right now I am decidedly succumbing under the weight of a ton of work), I will make next weekend. Or else, there is always christmas day itself?? 🙂


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