Thanksgiving feast

I would love for people over the coming week to share any recipes that they are excited about making. I am actually going to take it a tad easy this year as my energies are going to other outlets. I am contemplating something with poached pears…I will make potatoes masala from the American Masala cookbook (my mom’s request) and maybe pumpkin soup.

Sweet Potato Puree with Apples

Sweet potato puree (Margaret Rose Shulman, NYT)

Sweet potato puree (Margaret Rose Shulman, NYT)

This recipe caught my eye because it looked almost like a sweet potato pudding and also because I loved that it could be served out of a fun glass. People love being served anything out of little cups, wine glasses, or martini glasses! This is also from Margaret Rose Shulman from the NYT!


One response to “Thanksgiving feast

  1. there aren’t any recipes I’m all exited for this year – we’re doing the baking for Thanksgiving and I’m not mixing that up at all. Pumpkin and apple pies just like always. The pumpkin pie recipe in the book Butter Sugar Flour Eggs is my staple (which is weird, because there are errors in it but the resulting pie is so popular that I forbear).

    We’re also making a marinated cauliflower salad with purple and regular cauliflower, and Montreal Baked Beans (from epicurious).

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