A turning point – no to deprivation

I also need to say that a significant turning point in my dieting journey was when I made a decision to no long feel “deprived” in my eating habits. Its true. It just doesn’t work to feel we are depriving ourselves of something. So I stopped making arbitrary rules about banning certain foods or nutrients. That helped me to make choices, instead of feeling like I had met or broken these rules. the latter can just feel empty whereas the former, easily more fulfilling. So dessert has become mostly ok BUT in very small bites and only when something is worth tasting. Not just to feel sugar on my tongue. Being choosy has its advantages.

The best choice I made was to eliminate sugar because it really has an impact on me. Eliminating sugar keeps me more balanced and (i don’t know why) leaves me more clear, less foggy. Because of these benefits, it doesn’t feel like deprivation anymore. Instead, its something I am giving myself. That’s just me, my reaction. I choose to use Stevia to boot, a natural product made of tree bark that doesn’t have the molecular formation or glucose reaction that refined sugar does. It obviously makes me feel better and so it was simpler after that to just want dessert in moderation. Again, holding out for very tempting desserts is quite pleasing! 🙂


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