Shout out to the Minimalist

The Minimalist is a column in the NYT by Mark Bittam. I resonate with the simplicity of his cooking. This post gives a shout out to his column and to a recent recipe of his using chick-peas.

o Chick Pea Salad

My variations:
o I have never cooked dried chick peas. I am sure this adventure awaits me around the corner but for now, this is one area in which I depart from my esteemed mother and older sister and use A CAN. I have a can of organic garbanzo beans in my pantry right now from Safeway. But its $0.99 right now at WholeFoods and less for not organic.
o I have a jar of minced ginger from Trader Joes. I love this little jar. Minced ginger (and its minged garlic companion, also from TJ’s, is a must have for north Indian cooking.) saves me lots of time.
o I used lime juice since i had fresh limes (5 for a $1 from NJ Farmer’s Market).

Other than that I threw this together using a small red onion, less than a whole can of chick peas, 1 red bell pepper, etc. This was a perfect recipe for my kitchen since I already have toasted ground cumin. EASY.

Cost per serving: $0.47 per serving


One response to “Shout out to the Minimalist

  1. What a great idea!

    This chick pea salad sounds yummy. I’ve tried a variation of it (more like a warm channa chaat) and the kids love it too.

    Becoming a mom has really forced me to let go of canned food and ready minced ginger/garlic. I worry now about what small amounts of nitrites/lead in canned food and preservatives in bottled ready-to- go stuff will do to kids who seem so vulnerable due their body weight.
    It is a toss up …………convenience or health?

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