And the scale today said…

I lost a pound and a half! it feels like out of nowhere but i’m loving it. this cutting calories down thing seems to be a great way to go. also, am not focusing on weight loss, just embracing it when it comes. (this is after…uhh, let me count, 16 years, of yo-yo weight loss and gain) Yahoo!!!! Looking back, I am so glad I enjoyed all the beer I did this summer and even though fall and football season are coming up, I’m done. I’ve been maintaining a weight loss of twelve pounds since last Jan, so now its up to 13.5. hope it stays.


One response to “And the scale today said…

  1. This morning I woke up crying over my weight. I performed last night, and that makes me feel extra vulnerable about the way I look now compared to the way I used to look. I would love to be able to experience what you are experiencing – health and taste as priorities and weight loss as a side result of that instead of going back and forth between trying to lose and giving up on losing. I hope you’ll continue to post about what’s working for you!

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