Dieting Deliciously

Seeing the headline for this article in the NYT (i love you guys) made me realize how much dieting deliciously was at the root of the inspiration of this blog. So today I say, this blog is about: eating nutriously, affordably and de-liciously!

I have to read this more thoroughly to comment but at first glance, here are some thoughts:
* Yes to how much flavor there is out there: nuts, herbs, citrus juice or zest, dried fruits, spices!
* Its the succulence of earth’s natural bounty going into my body that gives me daily motivation.
* Calories–I completely agree with turning dieting around so its not a deprivation act. I find the simplest thing is to set a goal for a certain amount of calories. If you’re trying to lose weight, cut down the number of calories you can eat. I try not to go above 1200 if I can help it. and if i help myself to a muffin one day, it simply comes out of my calorie totals. I have gotten decent enough with counting calories now that i do it in my head and its a more general, rather than tedious, exercise.
* Desserts–small portions go a long way! They make bite size desserts at Whole Foods. Its a treat for $1.50 where I live. (Will try to take a picture soon).

This “diet” –hard learned along the way–has allowed me to keep off 12 pounds of weight loss. šŸ™‚


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