Post script, Zuchinni Fries

Okay. Remember my go-forth attitude about experimenting with the zucchini fries? Well, please let me report on one twist on this dish. The original recipe that caught my eye actually used corn meal. So this weekend, at our friends’ house, I decided to make things more healthy and use corn meal. I used the same proportions of everything as the white flour. That is, 2/3 cup flour, 1 tablespoon parmesan cheese, 1/2 teaspoon salt. This time I added garlic powder. Bleck! definitely not the glorious experience I had the first time. Cornmeal tastes gritty in the teeth and needs quite a bit to flavor it.

I did observe that the cornmeal coated quite well with the buttermilk. So going forth, my mind is reasoning that this dish is best made using the recipezaar recipe. Use egg whites as the coating. I bet the white-flour mixture doesn’t get so goopy on it. Leave that as the source of protein! I am thinking that a very fine wheat flour may also be okay. For me though, I am sticking with white flour unless anyone can convince other wise!


One response to “Post script, Zuchinni Fries

  1. Min, your blog is making me hungry! Everything sounds so delicious, can’t wait to sample!

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