Spur of the moment

I started this blog on the spur of the moment. In talking to a friend today, i realized I had learned some things that might be helpful to share. I enjoy cooking and have become a real foodie. In this part of my blog, i hope to combine three elements: creating, where i will hopefully write about meals and recipes full of flavor and vitality and post some photos (if i remember to take them); sourcing…that is learning more about the supply chain of the food i purchase and learning to make choices that make sense to me; and finally, food economics, where i am going to be paying strong attention to what those purchases cost and what i am willing to pay. I was a graduate school widow about a week after I got married and Iiving on one income, I had to become quite good to paying constant attention to the bottom line. But I found I wasn’t willing to sacrifice our health. It was important to me to identify quality ingredients and to separate hype  from actual nutrition. Its an evolving thing…there is so much information out there! I am eager to explore these choices and hear how others arrive at their own trade-offs.  I also love that feeling of doing something good for you on the cheap so I look foward to sharing what has worked for me and hear what has worked for others.


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